Item of the Day: This Over-Sized Mickey Mouse Club Chair Can Be a Hidden Mickey in Your Own Home

Look at this chair:

Looks like a nice chair to us!

Now, take a look at this chair from above:

Hellooooo, Hidden Mickey! Yes, what you see before you is an oversized Ethan Allen chair that is shaped like Mickey Mouse, which we recently noticed is available at the Disney Store.

The more we think about the “Mickey Mouse Club Chair and a Half” (and we’ve been thinking about this chair a lot), the more we realize that a Mickey Mouse-shaped chair is actually the most perfectly shaped chair available to us in this world. Just check out a few of the ways you can enjoy this magical chair.

  1. Solo.

    This is you, sitting criss-crossed smack in the middle of the Mickey chair, holding the remote control and binge-watching every Disney show and movie on Netflix.

  2. With a friend.

    You and your friend each get your own personal ear-nook to lean against. This is called the “lap of luxury,” folks. Breathe it in.

  3. With pets.

    Ample room for you and your sweet pet, be it a cat, dog, bunny, or literal mouse.

We hope you found our illustrations helpful when imagining the role of this chair in your life. If your tastes and wallet align, you can get it here.


Posted 12 months Ago
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