How Do We Love Thee, Churro?

Churro [n.]  /’CHooro/
A Spanish sweet snack consisting of a strip of fried dough dusted with sugar or cinnamon.


How do we love thee, Churro? Let us count the ways. You are crunchy yet soft, sweet with a gentle hint of spice. You are warm. You are portable. We eat you while waiting in line, and you make that line an experience. You are easy to share, yes. But we want you all to ourselves. What would a trip to Disneyland be without you? Madness. It would be madness. So, humble piece of dough, today we celebrate you. You deserve it, friend.


Uses for Churros you may not have considered, but we highly recommend:


1. Use your Churro at the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition. Everyone wins.
Disneyland Food Churros 1


2. Use your Churro as a lightsaber.
Disneyland Food Churros 2


3. Pull the sword out of the stone with your Churro.
Disneyland Food Churros 3


4. Jenga anyone?
Disneyland Food Churros 4


5. Churros make excellent poohsticks.

Disneyland Food Churros 7


6. And top notch magic wands.
Disneyland Food Churros 6


7. Should you find yourself in an impromptu duel, consider a Churro as your sword.

Disneyland Food Churros 5


In conclusion, Churro, without you Disneyland might be a little less happy. We salute you.

Posted 8 years Ago
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