Disneyland Dessert Heights

We know a lot about Disneyland food. We consume it often and we love it. We also enjoy accumulating nearly-useless knowledge about it, and the Parks in general, and this project is no exception. We literally took a day to walk around Disneyland and measure desserts. This is what we experienced, in height order:


Mickey Cake Pop: 3”
This may be only three inches tall (well, six inches if you count the stick), but this cake pop is a multi-layered delight. There is essentially a dessert layer for every inch of height. The decadent chocolate cake core is covered in a surprisingly thick layer of milk chocolate and all this chocolate is complemented by marshmallow ears and shorts. And yes, those buttons are made of jelly beans. Bonus: We carried this around all day and it did not melt. (How???!!)


Minnie Strawberry Lollipop: 4”
While this is one of the shortest desserts on the list, let’s take a second to acknowledge that this is pretty big for a lollipop. The last lollipops were had in our office were one, maybe one and a half inches. This is four times bigger. Respect.


Mickey Caramel Apple: 4.5”
We clearly feel a need to defend the shorter desserts, but hear us out: this is as wide as it is tall. Looking at the big picture, this is actually a lot of dessert (with fruit included, so, health). Also, we didn’t actually eat this one, and the fact that we don’t know what the ears are of made of is killing us. If you know, tell us in the comments.


Mickey Cookie: 5.5”
We stared at this on several Disneyland trips before we finally caved and purchased one. This is a lot of perfectly chocolate-covered cookie (with a white chocolate face). Like the cake pop, the chocolate layer is generous without overwhelming the crumbly, not-too-thin, not-too-thick cookie. Also, please note the ear-span. (Note: We just got lost in staring at this. Not sure how much time passed.)


Strike it Rich – Butterscotch Hot Fudge Sundae: 6.25”
We can’t name a favorite dessert out of this list, but if we had to eat one again, right now, it would be this beauty. The six-inch-tall sundae (eight inches if you count the cherry stem) is packed with butter pecan ice cream, butterscotch, hot fudge, whipped cream, and chopped almonds. It was a challenge to get a spoon all the way down there to create the perfect bite, and we faced that challenge with enthusiasm.


Dole Whip: 6.25”
Ah, Dole Whip. This is tied with the sundae height-wise, but they are two completely different ice cream concepts. What DW (we call it that now) lacks in decadence, it makes up for in airy, tart, refreshment.


Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake: 6.5”
This is just barely taller than the sundae and Dole Whip, but it earned that quarter-inch. Just look at this thing–the icing is so thick it looks like it could support a carton a raspberries instead of just one (next article idea?). We did not actually eat this one, partly because it was so pretty and partly because we had already eaten most everything above. It’s the one that got away.


Cotton Candy: 12”
This crowd-pleasing favorite is exactly a foot tall (not counting the stick, obviously). We know that sounds relatively short in the grand scheme of things, but think about it–the average American woman is just over five cotton candies tall.


Churro: 15”
This sugary beast is the tallest thing we ate all day, and probably the tallest dessert in the park. This piece of perfect is 15 inches tall. (Take a moment to let that sink in.) This means that if the average churro bite is one inch, you can get 15, perfect, warm, cinnamony bites from a single churro. Let this knowledge wash over you, comfort you, and prepare you for your next churro. (Try to eat it in 15 perfect bites.)

Posted 7 years Ago
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