Disney Ways to 2.0 Your Ice Cream Day Celebration

Today, July 21, is National Ice Cream Day. Any way you celebrate this is excellent, but we decided there must be a way to Disneyfy the experience. So, we took our Mickey  cookie cutter
Ice Cream-Mickey-Cookie-Cutter


And our Mickey ice cream scooper…
Ice Cream-Mickey-Ice-Cream-Scoop


And did some research. Below are our humble suggestions for how to take your Ice Cream Day festivities from meh to memorable.


1. Make Your Ice Cream Sandwich with Mickey-Shaped Cookies:
Ice Cream-Mickey-Ice-Cream-Sandwich
Everything tastes better when it’s shaped like our favorite Mouse.


2. Create the Wish Upon a Star-berry Sundae:
Ice Cream-Strawberry-Star-Ice-Cream-2
This tastes delicious and might help make your dreams come true. #TwoBirdsOneSundae


3. Add Mickey Ears to an Ordinary Bowl of Ice Cream:
Again, everything tastes better this way.


4. Blend a Grey Stuff Milkshake:
Ice Cream-Milk-Shake
Ice Cream-Grey-Milk-Shake
It’s delicious. Don’t believe us? You should.


5. Add Ice Cream and Syrup to Mickey Waffles:
Ice Cream-Mickey-Waffles-and-Ice-Cream
Ice cream on waffles. It’s a revelation.


6. Add Sprinkles in the Shape of Mickey:
Ice Cream-Mickey-Shaped-Sprinkles
This requires forethought and a cutout of Mickey. But it’s worth it.


7. Make a Smackerel of Honey Sundae:
Ice Cream-Honey-Over-Ice-Cream
Ice Cream-Honey-and-Ice-Cream
Beware: you might have to share this one with a certain silly old bear.

Posted 7 years Ago
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