Trick-or-Treating, As Told By Disney Characters

Let’s get down to business (no, not Hun-defeating business, Halloween business). Trick-or-treating is an important life event. A serious evening of dressing up in costumes and stuffing as much candy as humanly possible into a pillowcase. (Pro tip: pillowcases hold way more candy than those pumpkin-shaped containers. Those are WAY too small.) And so, we’re going to ponder the experience of trick-or-treating via some of your favorite Disney characters. Because, why not? Let’s begin.


First, you have to find the perfect costume.
This is no small task. So many colors. So many decisions.


In the end you go for the unexpected.
Nailed it.


Fueling up before trick-or-treating is a must.
There’s nothing worse than running out of energy mid-Halloween jaunt.


FINALLY! You let loose on the neighborhood!
So many kids. So much seizing the day. This is your time.


Some houses have FULL SIZED CANDY BARS.
disney trick or treating kuzco 2
This is the greatest thing that could possibly happen in the history of things.


Some houses have raisins.
disney trick or treating kuzco
Bah humbug.


You make a pact with your friends to fill up your bags to the brim.
This night will live in infamy.


Someone thinks it’s hilarious to pop out of a bush and scream.
It is not hilarious, it is terrifying.


Inevitably, you get tired at some point and are forced to call it a night.
There’s no shame in a ¾ full bag of candy, you remind yourself.


You immediately go home and dump all of your candy out on the floor.
The categorization of good candy from okay candy from gross candy from raisins into piles has begun.


Your mom makes you throw away anything that’s partially open or suspicious, like this:
Safety first.


Victory does indeed taste sweet.


You go to sleep with sugar pulsing through your veins and plans of next year’s route dancing in your head. You’ve mastered trick-or-treating. Well done.

Posted 8 years Ago
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