What Thanksgiving Day is Like, As Told by Disney

Thanksgiving day is finally here, and you are so excited.
Heimlich A Bug's Life


You settle in to watch the parade—cross your fingers for a good Disney float!
Watching TV GIF


After that, you do a quick workout, mostly to get your appetite going.
Hercules Workout GIF 2


Suddenly, your mom gets overwhelmed and needs help in the kitchen. Challenge accepted.
Merida shooting an arrow gif Brave


You perfectly time the cooking of the green beans and mashed potatoes, and you’ve never felt more awesome.
BOUCHED_OMD_beauty and the beast


Then, you put on your best outfit to impress all the guests coming over.
Aristocats Gif


Your trio of elderly aunts shows up early, naturally.


You choose to hang out with your little cousins, and they show you cool stuff, like loose teeth.
Chaca's Loose Tooth GIF


But, you’re getting pretty hungry. You’re really feeling ready for dinner.
We All Come From Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood


FINALLY, dinner is served, and you bust through the dining room doors like nobody’s business.
Princess Tiana GIF


But then your mother seats you next to your brother’s weird friend from college.
Best Frozen GIFs from Frozen Clips - Awkward


It’s all okay after you see the turkey on the table and it looks so… beautiful.
Relatable Disney Characters_GIF


You load up on all the best delights.
Gus Gus GIF


But then someone takes the drumstick WHEN IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE YOURS.
Best Frozen GIFs from Frozen Clips - Scariest


The issue resolves itself (phew) and you delight in the feast before you.
day at the park snow white clapping


Even though you thought you’d never eat again, an hour or so after dinner, you grab a little snack.
One Hundred and One Dalmatians 5


Later on, some people chat and play games, but you settle in for a nap, per usual.
Winnie the Pooh Yawn


Before you drift off, you realize that tomorrow, you’ll get to eat a delicious turkey, cranberry, stuffing sandwich.
Disney GIF of Cruella De Vil


It’s a wonderful holiday, isn’t it?

Posted 7 years Ago
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