Food Pairings for a Disney Movie Night

Pairing the right food with your favorite Disney films can make them even more magical. We can help:


Lady and the Tramp – Spaghetti
Disney Food Pairings_Spaghetti
This is obvious. Eating spaghetti is the best while watching this beautiful love story. Note: humming “Bella Notte” on repeat while preparing your spaghetti is a must.


Winnie the Pooh – Pancakes with Honey Butter
Disney Food Pairings_Pancakes
Pooh’s favorite food is hunny, of course. No better way to feel part of the Hundred Acre Wood than eating some honey yourself.


Ratatouille – Cheese and Fruit Platter
Disney Food Pairings_CheeseandFruit
Always remember the wise words of Remy, “if you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”


The Incredibles – Popcorn
Disney Food Pairings_Popcorn
Popcorn is perfect to eat during this intense movie. It’s important you have something to munch on at all times.


Snow White – Pie
Disney Food Pairings_Pie
Sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice piece of homemade pie. Note: try to stay away from whistling while you eat.


Wreck-It Ralph – Assorted Candies
Disney Food Pairings_Candy
Our craving for sugar is always accelerated while watching Wreck-It Ralph. A land made of candy is obviously a dream come true. Grab some of your favorite candy and imagine we all live in Sugar Rush Kingdom.


The Princess and the Frog – Beignets
Disney Food Pairings_Beignets
Deep fried dough, what could be better?! Nothing. Beignets are the perfect treat to enjoy while watching The Princess and the Frog, they will take you straight to the French Quarter.


Toy Story – Pizza
Disney Food Pairings_Pizza
Make your planet a Pizza Planet. Pizza is a clear pair for Toy Story. Bread, cheese, pepperoni… all things that will pair nicely with a childhood favorite.


Disney’s Alice in Wonderland – Tea Sandwiches
Disney Food Pairings_Tea Sandwiches
Drinking tea, eating tea sandwiches, and watching Alice in Wonderland–they go together. Enjoy the tea party, just try not to go mad.

Posted 5 years Ago
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