Disney Character Coffee Orders: An Analysis

Coffee is a magical thing. If there were ever magic beans in our world, they would be coffee beans. Just try making a drink out of lima beans, green beans, or black beans and you’ll see that nothing compares. While we were waiting in a long line at an unnamed coffee purveyor, we began to wonder what Disney characters would order. Here’s what we came up with:


Mickey Mouse – Classic CoffeeMickey Mouse

Mickey would just want a good ol’ cup of coffee. After all, he’s a pretty classic and traditional mouse. Some things are better without all the bells and whistles. Now the question is: does he takes cream and sugar with his coffee? Maybe on a special occasion.


Belle – CappuccinoWhich Belle Are You? Beauty and the Beast - Mrs. Potts and Chip

Picture a little town, a quiet village… coffee shop. We can imagine Belle sitting at a table outside, reading a book, and enjoying a nice cappuccino. Everyone would walk by and say, “bonjour!” Also, cappuccinos are traditionally served in porcelain cups, like Chip!


Olaf – Cold Brewfrozen_elsa_olaf_flurry

Don’t get this confused with iced coffee. They’re two entirely different things. Cold brewed coffee never comes in contact with heat, which makes it perfect for our favorite snowman. Even if you have your own personal flurry it’s better to stay away from hot things. Coffee is no exception.


Tigger – Green EyeA Guide to Never Growing Up

Tigger is bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! How do you think he keeps up all that Tiggerific energy? Even if your tops are made of rubber and your bottoms out of springs, you need a little extra kick to keep your bounce up. Coffee mixed with not one, not two, but THREE shots of espresso is sure to keep you bouncing around the room. (This is really only recommended for Tiggers.)

Marie – Cafe au Laitcats_marie

Cats love milk and cafe au lait is the traditional French way of preparing coffee with milk. So, it would be safe to assume that Marie, a very classy French cat, would like her coffee prepared in the French style.


Wreck-It Ralph – Cafe MochaWreck It Ralph

Hear us out. Yes, at the beginning Ralph hates chocolate, but at the end he has a change of heart. And we quote, “Chocolate, it’s chocolate. I love chocolate! Beautiful chocolate!” How could Ralph order anything that didn’t include chocolate after going through what he did?


White Rabbit – EspressoWhite Rabbit First Date

Espresso is often misspelled (and mispronounced) as “expresso” which sort of sounds like “express oh!”, the perfect drink for a chronically late rabbit. It also comes in cute little portions and tiny rabbit-sized cups. Just imagine the White Rabbit drinking a tiny cup at a tea party. He’d probably race off to wherever he was going and actually get there on time.


John Smith – Americanolove-john-smith.jpg

John Smith is a brave and adventurous soul. He’s not afraid of trying something that could end up being a little bitter—like traveling to the new world in search of adventure only to return home prematurely after risking his your life to save the person you love. A drink named after the new world is perfect! Also, adding hot water to espresso can help coffee supplies last on the long voyage back to England. Americanos go well with biscuits too!


What do you think your favorite characters would order on a Disney coffee run?

Posted 7 years Ago
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