Last-Minute Disney Halloween Party Ideas

The scenario: Halloween is just days away, and you’re having an impromptu get-together, but you’ve been procrastinating and haven’t even begun to plan! Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered some hauntingly easy crafts and recipes to make your party both Disney-themed and spooktacular. And really, who could ask for anything more?


1. Little Yummy Jar of Souls
Little Yummy Jar of Souls
Because the only thing we love more than singing Ursula’s catchy solo, is eating gummy worms and jell-o out of a bespoke jar on All Hallow’s Eve.


2. Pirate’s Skeleton Hands
Pirate's Skeleton Hand
Consider our timbers well and truly shivered. (And our sweet tooth satisfied.)


3.  Snow White’s Frightful Forest Eyes
Snow White's Frightful Forest Eyes
These are truly disturbing. But we can tell they’re chocolate and we’ll literally eat anything covered in chocolate.


4. Disney Villain Centerpieces 
Disney Villain Centerpeices
These will add just a touch of that spooky je ne sais quoi to your party’s ambience. Also you can say, “Je ne said quoi” and impress your guests with your transatlantic flair.


5. Jack Skellington Cookie Pops
Jack Skellington Cookie Pops
The only thing more popular than cookie pops? Jack Skellington. Combining the two practically guarantees the best Halloween party ever.


6. Cinderella’s Magical Pumpkin
Cinderella's Magical Pumpkin
Bonus: You can even eat this yummy sorbet after the clock strikes twelve.


7. Mickey Cutie Halloween Bats
Mickey Cuite Halloween Bats
The winner of the cutest Halloween decoration competition is this. Everyone else can go home.


8. Rapunzel’s Squash and Hazelnut Soup 
Rapunzel's Squash and Hazelnut Soup
Because man cannot live on candy alone.


9.  Sven Antlers 
Sven Antlers
The perfect last-minute costume features of favorite reindeer, just add a healthy dose of carrots–and attitude–and your outfit is complete.


10. Winnie the Pooh Mask
Winnie the Pooh Mask
Not every Halloween costume needs to be scary. Just pretend “stuffed with fluff” really means “permission to eat as much candy as possible.”


And there you have it! For even more Halloween Disney crafts check out Family.Disney.com. And don’t forget to invite us to your party, we’ll bring the Prophecy Pretzels.

Posted 7 years Ago
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