How Hunny Fixes Everything

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Winnie the Pooh, it’s that there’s always time for a smackerel or two of hunny. Hunny is the lifeblood that keeps a Pooh Bear going! If you haven’t yet discovered the many benefits of hunny, let us enlighten you:


Hunny fixes a rumbly tummy.
Hunny 00
Pooh Bear knows the importance of taking care of his tummy. When it starts to get rumbly, the only solution is to find hunny. Lots and lots of hunny. Life would be incomplete without this special treat.


Hunny fixes a boring piece of paper.
Hunny 03
This piece of paper is now a work of art! Just add a touch of hunny and it’s a masterpiece.


Hunny fixes a sore throat.
Hunny 02
Pooh Bear is a medical genius. He fully understands the healing effects of hunny and is not afraid to use them. You know what they say, a pot of hunny a day keeps the doctor away!


Hunny fixes a sticky situation.
Hunny 05
If you’re going to get stuck in a tree, at least make sure it’s a hunny-filled one.


Hunny could fix Eeyore’s tail.

Hunny 04
Poor Eeyore has a chronic case of tail-falling-off-itis which results in recurring symptoms of losing one’s tail. Hunny could be used as an adhesive to put it back on.


Hunny fixes relationships*.
Hunny 01
If you’re in a fight with someone, just follow these easy steps to fix everything: call them hunny, talk about hunny, give them hunny.

*Only fixes relationships with Pooh Bears.


Hunny fixes existential crises.
Hunny 06
When you’re feeling down in the dumps or a bit gloomy don’t think about something sad. Think of something bright and sunny! You can probably see where we’re going with this… hunny.


As you can see, hunny makes life sweet. After all, mom did say. “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” (Not that you actually want to catch any flies or anything.)


Now go forth and share the wonders of hunny with your friends!
Hunny 07
Pooh-ray for hunny!

Posted 6 years Ago
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