7 Reasons We Want to Eat at Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet is likely the coolest sci-fi themed Italian eatery in the known universe, or, at the very least, the favorite restaurant choice of Andy in Toy Story. A mecca for space enthusiasts and pizza connoisseurs alike, Pizza Planet, and its delivery vehicles, play a crucial role in one of our favorite Disney•Pixar film series. We’d give almost anything to play a round of “Whack-A-Alien” and chow down on a slice at the famed establishment. Don’t be a potato head, you know want to, too. And this is why:


1. Pizza Planet commits to its theme.
The decor at this pizzeria is so authentic that even a spaceman like Buzz is convinced. Look at their logo: a Saturn pizza pie. It’s genius, friends, pure genius.


2. There are games! There are aliens! There is pizza!
“Buzz Lightyear mission log: The local sheriff and I have reached Nirvana” is probably what Buzz should have said immediately upon entering the promised land that is Pizza Planet. There are games like “Planet Killer,” “Alien Slime,” “What-A-Alien,” “Black Hole,” and most importantly, the “Claw Game.” What more could one ask for? (Maybe just a high score on Planet Killer.)


3. We can channel our inner Buzz Lightyear.
Buzz is completely in his element at Pizza Planet. We admire his confidence and we feel, if given the chance, we too could raise to our fill space commander potential if given the opportunity.


4. Aliens.
“I have been chosen!” (Is how we wold feel at a Pizza Planet.)


5. If we can’t actually make it there, we can always have it delivered.
We should clarify that delivery is only worth it if Rex is driving the Pizza Planet truck. Preferably in the middle of a high-speed chase to the airport.


6. There’s a Pizza Planet at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.
We repeat: There is a real, live Pizza Planet at Walt Disney World and we want to (and CAN) go to there.


7. Pizza is awesome.
Pizza is life. Before your space journey, re-energize yourself with a slice of pepperoni.


Can you think of more reasons why you’d like to grab a pie at Pizza Planet? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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