6 Pieces of Adorable, Edible Disney Food Art

There are many times when a dream is a wish our stomachs make, namely; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner. But when someone combines food with Disney then pretty much all our dreams have come true. Although this Disney food art by Erin Jang (@theindigobunting) is almost too cute to eat (emphasis on the word almost). We’ve included an ingredient list with each piece so that you can have your Disney food art and, yes, eat it too:


You can’t be scared of devouring veggies when they look this delicious.

– green pepper (head)
– jicama (eyes)
– bosc pear (eyes)
– zucchini (nose, neck, mouth)
– blueberries (nostrils)
– garlic (teeth)


We don’t start (food) fights, we finish them, and if we were munching on this sweet masterpiece we’d definitely finish it too.

– white maple cotton candy
– black licorice laces (eyebrows)
– black licorice wheels (eyelid and lashes)
– black raspberry gummies (eyes)
– marshmallow (eyes)
– gumdrop (nose)
– sour blue gummy belts (whiskers, mouth)
– rock candy (collar)
– sour watermelon gummy belts (collar bow)
– sour grapefruit slices (ear)
– foil wrapped chocolate and hard candy (hairbow)


From sidekick to side dish, this food art is a real stand out.

– green tortilla
– shiso leaves
– kale
– romano bean (mouth)
– baby purple potatoes (eyes, nostrils)
– baby cippolini onions (eyes)
– crimini mushrooms (eyes)
– asparagus
– savoy cabbage
– broccoli rabe
– rosemary
– romanesco
– green beans


This piece features hot-diggity-dog buns and a very cute pup!

– hot dog buns
– hamburger buns
– salami
– provolone cheese
– black olives
– black rye bread


He looks so good, it’s a little bit fishy. This has to be the best-tasting art under the sea.

(note: yellow paper base for the fish)
– blue raspberry Airheads
– blue raspberry licorice twists
– blue sour gummy belts
– sour bottle gummies (tail)
– blue rock candy (fin)
– black licorice (eyebrows, mouth)
– marshmallow (eyes)
– lemon gummies (nose, cheeks, eyelids)
– hard candies (bubbles)


This cool rice-based piece has already melted our hearts.

– white rice (face)
– kombu
– nori / seaweed paper (eyebrows, eyes, mouth)
– daikon (tooth)
– carrot (nose)
– mochi (eyes)


Which of these are you going try making yourself? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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