An American Stomach in Disneyland Paris

The following is a special post from our teammate, Nicole, about everything she ate on a recent trip to Disneyland Paris. We were extremely jealous at the time and even more so after reading this:


When I planned my trip to Paris, I had a great epiphany—there’s a Disney Park there! I had never been to Disneyland Paris, and, everyone knows the best part about traveling is all the food you get to try and eat. Here are some of the treats we sampled, while enjoying being at one of the happiest places on earth while far from home.


Chocolate and Coconut Dipped Marshmallow Mickey Treat


This Mickey head is soft and delicious—and dipped in chocolate with a hint of shaved coconut! A soft, sweet treat that was easy to carry around the Park.


Sugared Crepe


This crepe was dusted with sugar, and we loved it because it is just so very French to have crepes! Also, a helpful hint: Hot delicious crepes are good for cold hands.


Crepe Filled with Nutella Spread


If this ooey-gooey sensation of a treat doesn’t tug at the ole’ heartstrings then I don’t know what will. The best way to elevate your crepe game is with Nutella!


Snow White Candy Apples


These beauties are a popular treat at the Park and reminded us of one very special Disney film.


Haribo Fried Egg Gummies


Le oeuf with le goof! Just look at these cuties.


Mickey Mouse Meringue Dipped in Chocolate


Another treat in the shape of our favorite mouse, and inspired by French culture. We’ll take 3!


Disneyland Paris Coffee


Sometimes you need a hot cup of coffee to power you up for round two. And just look at how cute this cup is!


Main Street U.S.A. Fudge


Flavors like Citron (lemon) Meringue put a new twist on an old classic.


Scoop Candy on Main Street U.S.A.


If at the end of the day you still have a craving to satiate, the scoop candy selection on Main Street should provide what you’re looking for.


What are some of your favorite snacks at the Parks? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 5 years Ago
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