Being Hangry, As Told by Disney Characters

We all know that feeling when hunger suddenly strikes. We think we’re fine and can wait a little longer to eat. But can we really? The stages of being hungry rapidly go into a downward spiral until hungry turns into hangry. However, you’re not alone in this feeling of absolute hunger, and the anger due to that hunger. Take a look at these Disney characters that totally illustrate the real life stages of this serious issue we all face:

Suddenly, hunger strikes …


You see someone eating and think: “Can I have a bite, please? Pretty, please.”

Stella hungry

You start to feel irritated and don’t want to do anything, but eat.

Russell is tired

Then you begin to daydream about all the food.

Remy eats grape

You realize you don’t have food and become more irritated, entering the angry zone, known as hangry.

lilo and stitch - blah - sassy

You’re not yourself anymore.

toy story - loopy

Finally, you decide to make yourself a little something and it doesn’t go as planned.

Winnie the Pooh - nom

You’re so hungry, the thought of food begins to consume you. 


You are no longer thinking straight and do things that you wouldn’t normally do.


You finally get your hands on a snack, but someone wants to strike up a conversation.

Emile is caught

Then they ask you to do something, and for some reason you say yes.

cinderella - frustrated

Said person asks if you’re okay and you respond like this:


But really, you feel like this:

peter pan 02

Before doing anything else, you take a bite of food.

Remy has a food symphony

You suddenly feel better and apologize to all the people affected by your hanger.

Best Hugs - 01 Lilo and Stitch

Posted 5 years Ago
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