Disney + Chocolate = Our New Favorite Disney Springs Shop

On a recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, I had to chance to stop by Disney Springs and check out some of the new restaurants and shops that had opened. As I was walking through The Landing (one of the neighborhoods of Disney Springs), I came across the cutest brick building and the words “Chocolate Shoppe.” I immediately stopped in my tracks, because 1) I love chocolate and 2) I REALLY love chocolate. Turns out, this amazing chocolate heaven is The Ganachery, a chocolate shop that features different flavors of ganache, chocolate bars, lollipops, and more.


Inside, you’ll find cast members hard at work hand-crafting chocolate creations in the on-display kitchen. Of course, there’s a beautiful display of all the chocolate ganache squares available, and shelves filled with chocolate bars and beautifully packaged treats. If I had to pick a favorite thing (which is immensely difficult), it would have to be the character and Disney Destinations-inspired chocolate bars. For the Mickey & Friends bars, each is inspired by the characters personality, while the Disney Destinations bars take their cue from local flavors found at each location. Here are the delicious options:

chocolate bars

Mickey & Friends

  • Mickey Mouse: Milk chocolate
  • Minnie Mouse: Milk chocolate with dried strawberries
  • Pluto: Milk chocolate with peanut butter and peanuts
  • Goofy: Dark chocolate with popping candy
  • Donald Ducks: White chocolate with blueberries and habanero chili

Disney Destinations

  • Walt Disney World: Dark chocolate with natural orange and fruit tea flavors
  • Disneyland: Milk chocolate with zante currant raisins and almonds
  • Disneyland Paris: Dark chocolate with fleur de del caramel filling
  • Aulani: A Disney Resort and Spa: White chocolate with coconut and pineapple

Because I had to know everything there is to know about The Ganachery, I had the chance to speak to Chef Amanda Lauder and discover more about what goes into making these delicious treats.

Tell us about what you create at The Ganachery.

At The Ganachery we specialize in hand-crafted chocolate ganache squares. We hand-batch fresh ganache every day. Our ganache is a special blend of cream and chocolate that has been infused with flavors using premium ingredients from around the world such as fruit purees, nut pastes, and spices.

What’s one thing about the chocolate-making process that might surprise guests?

Once our batch of ganache is prepared it sits undisturbed in a climate controlled kitchen for a minimum of 24 hours to crystallize and set before we start to work with it again.


How did you come up with the flavor profiles for the Mickey & Friends-themed chocolate bars?

The Mickey an Friends chocolate bar flavors were dreamed up by our concept and development Pastry Chef, Stefan Riemer. We wanted to take the essence of the character’s personality and style and create a chocolate bar that would reflect the essence of those characters. We wanted people to feel a connection between the chocolate they are eating and their beloved character. Our Donald Duck-themed chocolate bar is a great example. We made that chocolate bar blueberries and white chocolate to reflect Donald Duck’s colors, but mixed in a little habanero chile to match Donald Duck’s fiery personality.

What flavors have been guest favorites so far?

Our Caramel Fleur De Sel ganache square has been the number one ganache flavor. Our guests just love it! Our dark 65% square made with our custom blended chocolate is also a fan favorite and a must try for guests experiencing The Ganachery for the first time.

I sampled some of the pistachio cream while we visited The Ganachery.
I sampled some of the pistachio cream while we visited The Ganachery.

What would you recommend guests try when they come to The Ganachery?

My recommendation for guests to try when they come to The Ganachery is our ganache squares. My personal favorite is the pistachio with dark chocolate, but I would encourage guests to be a little adventurous and try a flavor they would not normally get somewhere else. Give your taste buds a treat and explore unknown flavors such as our match yuzu, mango curry, or even chipotle pepper!

Next time you find yourself in Disney Springs, definitely stop by The Ganachery for all of your chocolate needs. You and your taste buds won’t regret it.

Posted 5 years Ago
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