Bento boxes are all the rage on Instagram right now! They’re actually a global phenomenon, from Los Angeles to Tokyo. But we thought the Internet really needed some more Disney-inspired bento boxes for the lunch we’ve all been dreaming of. So take a look at these bento boxes that are practically perfect in every way:

Minnie Mouse Sandwich Bento BoxMinnie Mouse Bento Box

This Minnie Mouse-inspired box totally captures the essence of Minnie complete with hearts and polka dots.

Pascal from Tangled Cucumber and Wraps Bento Boxpascal bento box

This bento box is all we’ve ever wanted. A mini Pascal made of cucumber and lanterns! This lunch is almost too cute to eat.

Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland Rice and Veggie Bento BoxCheshire Cat Bento Box

This Alice in Wonderland-inspired bento box is the kind of food we want to eat! We just hope it doesn’t shrink us or make as tall like the bread Alice ate.

Simba from The Lion King Sandwich, Veggies, and Rice Bento Box  The Lion King Bento Box

We love the details in this Lion King-inspired bento box. Peppers and carrots make up Simba’s mane and seaweed is used for the sun … and we’re obsessed with it.

Posted 4 years Ago
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