Disney Character Coffee Orders, Pt. 2

While our team was discussing National Coffee Day, while drinking coffee of course, I remembered our delightful Disney character coffee order analysis article from a while back. It’s about time we updated it because coffee is our morning dose of magic. It’s like happiness in a cup. No, It’s not like happiness in a cup, it is happiness in a cup. Here’s a new batch of Disney character coffee order predictions:

Minnie Mouse: Vanilla Latte


Minnie Mouse Minnie would enjoy the creamy sweet flavor of a classic vanilla latte. It’s the perfect blend of energy giving espresso and it’s sweet, just like Minnie.

Rapunzel: Cookies and Cream Frozen Coffee

Rapunzel balancing cookies in Tangled

We know Rapunzel would be all about a cookies and cream drink since she counts baking amongst her many hobbies. It would pair perfectly with a batch of her freshly baked cookies.

Anna: Mocha Frozen Coffee With Extra Whipped Cream And Extra Extra Chocolate Sauce

Anna from Frozen eating chocolateIt’s no secret that Anna loves chocolate! So this coffee order is ideal for her. Mocha is a chocolate-based coffee and we thought she might enjoy it frozen. (Get it?) Add extra whipped cream and extra extra chocolate sauce and we’re pretty sure Anna would be in coffee heaven.

Winnie the Pooh: Iced Caramelized Honey Latte

Winnie the Pooh HoneyPooh is all about the hunny! So clearly a caramelized honey latte is perfect for this silly ol’ bear.

Eeyore: Espresso Shots

Eeyore-The-Many-Adventures-of-Winnie-the-PoohEeyore could really use some energy, so straight espresso shots are just what he needs.

Edna Mode: Caffee Americano, Extra espresso Darling

Edna Mode Incredibles I never look backEdna doesn’t mess around. This lady knows exactly what she wants, so we think she would be sipping on a caffe americano while designing super suit–with no capes!

Ursula: Black Coffee (With a Side of Poor Unfortunate Souls)

Ursula-The-Little-MermaidUrsula would definitely hold on the sugar and creamer, she doesn’t need added sweetness or anything to take away from the dark brew itself.

Carl: Espresso Macchiato

Dug-Carl-and-Russell-from-UpWe think Carl would like this classic espresso drink that’ popular amongst travelers. It’s a simple espresso with just a bit of steamed milk and foam.  This drink is perfect for any adventurer traveling to Paradise Falls.

Joy: Flat White

spreadjoyNot that Joy really needs any more energy, but this sweet espresso drink will keep her going when Sadness, Anger, or Fear are threatening to take over. Maybe coffee is her secret to being so joyful?

Stitch: Cold Brew with Coconut Milk and Chocolate Saucestitch drinking out of a bottle, Lilo & Stitch

We think Stitch would like this combination because the coconut milk brings a touch of the unexpected (and tropical) to an otherwise basic coffee. We know he also enjoys chocolate (remember when he ate that whole slice of chocolate cake?) so we’ve added that too. We got you, Stitch.

We definitely want coffee now. What kind do you think your favorite Disney character would order? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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