On December 15, 2011, I was attending a business conference in Orlando. I am from Pennsylvania, so I came with the hope of spending an evening at one of the Disney Parks.

The work we were doing, and general circumstances, prevented me from getting over to the Magic Kingdom or Epcot. However, our conference ended a little early and I found myself with a few hours to spare before my flight back home. This is usually not the case during the busy holiday season.

One of my friends at the conference is from Florida, so he had his car with him. I sheepishly mentioned my desire to get to Disney, and he immediately offered to drive me over to Downtown Disney. We spent, maybe, an hour or so shopping in the stores, enjoying the songs of the live show (Up on the Housetop, Click! Click! Click!), and absorbing a small dose of the Disney magic.

After getting my wife and kids as many gifts as I could fit into my carry-on luggage, my friend and I both agreed this small trip was the perfect thing to do. It was just enough to lift our spirits sky-high and satisfy my Disney urge. Reflecting on it, I would have had tremendous guilt if I went to one of the Parks without my family! So this very brief trip was indeed the perfect thing. Sharing this story is my way of saying thanks for extending the magic to any spot in the Disney universe: stores, Parks or anywhere. Peace on earth, good will toward all.

Posted 7 years Ago
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