A Delicious Evening with “Lady and the Tramp”

Since its release in 1955, Disney’s classic “Lady and the Tramp” has become one of the all-time cinematic standards for romance, thanks to its iconic spaghetti-eating sequence. Not bad for an animated film whose two starring lovebirds are a pair of pups! Now this romantic treat is coming to Disney Diamond Edition Blu-ray, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Our prescription for a perfect evening? Whip up a pot of spaghetti (scroll down for recipe suggestions!), light a few candles, pop in “Lady and Tramp,” and snuggle up with someone you love – whether it’s Mr. or Ms. Right, or the whole family – and enjoy a little “Bella Notte” of your own. Finish with something sweet and a goodnight kiss. If the dinner conversation flags, share these “Lady and the Tramp” fun facts that will make watching even more special.

● Chanteuse Peggy Lee wore many hats for “Lady and the Tramp.” She voiced three characters: Jim Dear’s wife, Darling, and the Siamese cats Si and Am. And she not only sang many of the memorable songs from “Lady and the Tramp” – notably “He’s a Tramp” and “The Siamese Cat Song” – but she cowrote the film’s songs with composer Sonny Burke. Next time you hum “Bella Notte,” thank Peggy and Sonny!


● Walt thoroughly enjoyed the process of making “Lady and the Tramp” because it was an original story, saying, “We were free to develop the story as we saw fit, which is not the case when you work on a classic. Then you must adhere rigidly to the sequences conceived by the author, which are familiar to your audience. Here, as the characters came to life and the scenes took shape, we were able to alter, embellish, eliminate, and change to improve the material.” Produced between “Peter Pan” and “Sleeping Beauty,” “Lady” was only the Studio’s second feature-length animated film to use an original story (the first was “Dumbo,” released in 1941).


● One of the most charming elements of “Lady and the Tramp” is its lovingly created turn-of-the-century, small-town setting. From the horse-drawn dog-catcher’s wagon to the lovely Main Street, it’s a beguiling setting. The crown jewel is Jim Dear and Darling’s beautiful Victorian home. The house was so important that a three-dimensional mock-up of the interior was created, which allowed animators to visualize the setting and stage the action appropriately!


● Darling receives sweet puppy Lady as a Christmas gift, concealed in a beribboned hatbox. It’s an adorable scene – and one inspired by an incident in Walt Disney’s own life! After missing an important dinner engagement with his wife, he presented her with a puppy in a hatbox as a peace offering. Who could stay mad?


Now about that spaghetti dinner … why not serve up old-fashioned spaghetti and meatballs? For a lighter variant, try spaghetti and turkey Italian sausage meatballs or yummy (and vegetarian) spaghetti pie, then top it off with something sweet. It all adds up to a lovely evening for ladies and scamps alike – for Valentine’s or any day!

Posted 10 years Ago
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