Mickey Mouse, aka, The Tooth Fairy

I was born in Florida and managed to visit Disney World at least twice a year. After moving to California, I didn’t get back there too often. So when my wife and I took our six-year-old son and four-year-old daughter to Orlando for their first-ever Disney World trip, I couldn’t tell you who was more excited – the kids or me!

As anyone who’s traveled to Disney World with young kids knows, we had our trials (the constant food and bathroom breaks were really a handful). Thank the stars for my wonderful wife! We thought we’d planned for everything (diapers, extra clothes, band aids, drink cups, the works), but soon discovered something that hadn’t occurred to us – growing teeth. It all happened so fast. One day my son said his tooth was loose, and the next it was out!

Sadly, we lost the tooth when it fell between some planks while waiting in line. My son became very upset and asked if the Tooth Fairy would even know what happened, or if she’d be able to find us in Orlando. Before I could answer, a Cast Member overheard us and said that Mickey and the Tooth Fairy were on great speaking terms and that everything would be fine. I spoke to the Cast Member for a while, and she asked where we were staying (on site at Old Key West). Soon we were on the ride and I didn’t think twice about that conversation.

Upon returning to our room, we were surprised to find a package from the Tooth Fairy herself (via Mickey!) with balloons, coloring books, crayons, and even a Disney Dollar. To top it all off, there was an autographed picture of Mickey Mouse with a special message to my son. Mickey said he found the tooth and passed it on to the Tooth Fairy, who asked that Mickey give him some goodies. It’s been five years since that magical moment, but my son still talks about it today!

Posted 6 years Ago
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