While waiting for the Main Street parade to begin at Disneyland two years ago, I met a great family from Texas. Because I’m a pin trader, I was wearing two lanyards filled with all my trading and keeper pins. Their little boy kept looking at all my pins and smiled as I told his family how pin trading worked. I noticed he was staring at one of my silhouettes, and that he was sporting a Tinker Bell pin.

Since I had an extra of the pin he was looking at, I gave it to him and said to add it to the beginning of his collection. Well, about five minutes later, he leaned over to give me his Tink pin. I told him no, to keep it and continue growing his collection. His mother then explained his “special” pin to me. When he was at Disney World a year earlier, he was helping her feed the baby and take care of another little sister. A Cast Member gave him this pin, along with a second one to give to someone that was nice to him.

At this point, I was beginning to tear up because I realized that he was giving me his second pin. Needless to say, that pin is now my FAVORITE and is locked on my lanyard. It’s a visit I will never forget – I cherish that pin every time that I look at it. Only Disney can provide memories like this!

Posted 6 years Ago
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