Saved Pennies for a Priceless Moment

When we first moved to Orlando, Florida, my son Noah was four years old. He was so excited that we were moving that he told everyone he “was moving to Disney World” – how cute!

With all this excitement, he knew that we would be making a trip to the Magic Kingdom. He told me that he was going to save his pennies so that he could buy a souvenir. Noah knew exactly what he was looking for – a snow globe. He had started a collection of snow globes so that he could remember where he came from, Canada.

At the end of a fantastic day at the Magic Kingdom, Noah asked me if it was time to buy his souvenir. I told him that it was, and we headed towards the stores on Main Street U.S.A. Noah searched high and low for the perfect snow globe, which he eventually found. He pulled out his Disney World wallet and pulled out his “pennies” to pay for his souvenir. He was so proud that he paid for it on his own. My heart was filled with love for him, he had the biggest and brightest smile on his face.

We left the store and had to make a stop at the restroom. While on our way there, Noah was holding the bag with his most prized possession – and in a split second, the bag fell from his hand. We quickly picked up the bag and examined the contents. Sadly, Noah realized that the snow globe he saved all his pennies for had broken. You can imagine what came next … lip quivering and then a stream of tears. I knew it was my mistake for allowing him to hold the bag with such a fragile item in it, but you just never think something like that will happen. I looked at him and said, “Come with me, let’s see what we can do.” I brought Noah back to the store and told him to go and get another snow globe.

As luck would have it, we got the same Cast Member that had cashed us out earlier. She immediately remembered Noah and saw the look on his face. Before I could explain anything, she asked him if he was okay and if there was anything she could do. She pulled out her Mickey Mouse stickers as Noah held up his bag. She looked inside the bag and then looked at Noah and said, “Oh no! What is your name?” A whisper of “Noah” came out of his mouth. The Cast Member said, “Noah, I am so sorry that this happened. It is my fault that the snow globe broke, I must not have wrapped it properly. I am so glad that you picked up another one – I will wrap it properly so we make sure that your snow globe is perfect.”

Noah looked at me as if to get permission and I looked at the Cast Member with the same look – I wanted to explain what happened and that we were there to buy a new one, but she wouldn’t hear of it. I never expected that the Cast Member would take full responsibility for what had happened! She wrapped up the snow globe with bubble wrap and paper and put it in a box, put it in the bag, and said, “Noah, here you go.” After we left the store I started to walk back to pay her, but the Cast Member whispered, “It’s okay” and I whispered, “Thank you.”

Now, after living in Orlando for four years and becoming Annual Pass Holders, we go to Walt Disney World often. Of our many wonderful memories, this one stands out in our minds as the best Disney moment. We have told this story to countless people, and will continue to share our priceless memory of pennies and snow globes. To the Cast Member who created this wonderful memory, I am forever grateful to you for instilling the gift of kindness to a very impressionable four-year-old, who still remembers this moment. My only regret is not remembering your name – but your face, and the memory, will last a lifetime. Thank you!

Posted 9 years Ago
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