Do you miss the Wasteland?

Have you played Disney Epic Mickey all the way through more than once since it first hit the game stores? Are you dying to explore Mickey and Oswald’s world even further? Well, the Insider has some great news for you! Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two will be released this fall. We had a chance to talk to Design Director for both Disney Epic Mickey and Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Chase Jones, about the new game.

“Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is a true sequel to the first game. There are new lands and it incorporates more Disney history than even the first game. It’s even more Disney than the original game,” says Chase. We walked through some of the characters, locations, and play, and found that it was everything he said.

The game opens with a serenade from the Mad Doctor that immediately puts you into the world of the Wasteland and gives you a peek at some of the problems plaguing the town. Your favorite characters, Oswald and Ortensia, Gus, and of course Mickey himself, are back to save the Wasteland from this new peril. While we want to keep the baddies and bosses a surprise, we can tell you the first boss will “light up” the game!

You’re in for a bit of a vocal treat too, as you’ll get to hear the voice of some characters you haven’t heard from before. For instance Gus talks this time around – he’s voiced by Cary Elwes (Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book). You’ll hear many other voices throughout the game, as each bit of the story is told by the characters themselves instead of via onscreen dialogue.

The Wasteland is bigger in the latest installment, with new lands being added to the game. You’ll find familiar places from the Disney Parks like Frontierland. Keep an eye on your map! Poke around the underground areas beneath each hub and you’ll find rich 2D style, platform experiences inspired by Disney memorabilia.

Playstyle matters in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and the team has made some extremely fun updates. This time around, you can play in Co-Op mode. And who is cooperating with Mickey? Oswald! Oswald is powered by the game system if you are playing alone and helps you throughout the game, but when another player jumps in, they take over Oswald’s role and team up with you. Oswald has unique powers, and he interacts with Mickey to make even more moves and choices possible.

The game sets up clear objectives for players throughout the game and includes a very inspiring (and very Disney) tutorial level. The tutorial level starts in Yensid’s lab – players can interact with many elements in the level and there are some fun surprises. But be careful what you choose! -It may be permanent and may affect other interactions in the game.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two will be available on Wii, PlayStation 3, and XBOX 360.

Posted 9 years Ago
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