On July 2005, my family made a week-and-a-half trip all about Disney. We caught the 50th anniversary of Disneyland in California, then spent a week over in Walt Disney World. Our family is a bit older and we were first-timers at Walt Disney World. At the time my sisters and I were 21, 17, and 14.

Even though my parents and 77-year-old grandmother were with us, we always took advantage of the extra evening hours at the Parks. One late night on the way back to our hotel, our bus was a little quiet but there was still some energy left in a few Guests. All of a sudden, someone in the back of the bus started to sing the Mickey Mouse Club March from the old “Mickey Mouse Club” TV show with the Mousketeers! Before you know it, ALL … yes ALL of the adults joined in the song. I thought I was in a musical!

It was cool to see that kids truly come in all ages. This was the one time I didn’t want to get off the bus.

Posted 9 years Ago
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