It has been my pleasure to hold an annual pass at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim for a number of years now. One of my regular traditions when I enter Disneyland is to give a little salute of recognition to Walt Disney’s apartment over the fire station on Main Street. It is nothing more than touching the brim of my hat to thank the man that started it all.

As I wander around the Park, I’m never in much of a hurry and can’t forget that Walt wanted to create a place where magic lived and dreams became a reality. Therefore, I have dedicated myself to be one of those “unknown volunteers” that helps steer other Guests (usually first timers or out-of-towners) to their desired goals or venues or dreams. You know, I may not “work” at Disneyland, but it has been my pleasurable joy to “share” Disneyland. I think that was actually Walt’s dream – that we share the magic and wonder and joy with everyone else.

One special example stands out. On a late spring day, a group of ladies from a gardening club in Iowa had come to see the Disneyland rose (yes, it exists!). I took them straight to it and proceeded to tell them about the other gardens at Disneyland. They were so excited to hear about the Rose Garden that they asked if I could escort them! Of course, I was happy to do so. They loved the experience and I loved helping them “find their joy.” Now, as part of my tradition when I leave Disneyland, I wave a hand at that apartment window and proudly say, “Good night, Walt.”

Posted 9 years Ago
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