Calvin Jr. Visits Disneyland

My son Calvin Jr. was born with a complex seizure condition and cerbal palsy. We lived in a small town in BC and could not afford to travel. The only trips Junior went on were to many, many doctors, even down to Vancouver.

After five years of all these appointments and dealing with his seizures I was told about the Make a Wish Foundation. They agreed to send us with Calvin Jr. to Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth!

At first Junior was expecting a doctor’s appointment and was very nervous until we came into Disneyland and Aladdin came running across the street and slid down on the ground next to his wheelchair. It was very exciting! After that Calvin Jr. relaxed in a way we had never seen and even put one leg up on the other and leaned on his arm. It was a wondrous sight for us, and my husband and I were so touched and grateful to Disneyland’s great people who took the time – Mickey did as well – to make a special child’s life happy for a while!

Last year we brought our family down to Disneyland and we could tell that Calvin Jr., now 23, remembered it well by his very big smile and his dancing to the music. Thank you Disneyland!!!!

Posted 9 years Ago
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