My grandson Mac was up all night with ear aches. The next morning his parents took him to urgent care, where he received treatment and meds. Back at our place (Treehouses at Saratoga Springs), he slept and then woke up feeling pretty good. Around 4 PM, he wanted to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Mac was finally tall enough to ride the Tower of Terror and Rock-N-Roller Coaster and couldn’t wait to go!

At the Guest entrance, a Cast Member commented on his tee shirt and asked why we were arriving at the Park so late. Mac told him all about his ear infections and how he felt good enough to ride the Tower of Terror and Rock-N-Roller Coaster. This was Spring Break and the Park was very, very crowded – we didn’t think he had much chance of doing all he wanted to do, but were willing to give it a try.

The nice Cast Member gave Mac FASTPASSES to those rides and then asked if he liked Star Wars. Mac said “Oh yes!” and was handed passes to Star Tours and Toy Story Mania as an added surprise! This was way beyond any of our dreams. Everyone was so excited. We don’t remember the wonderful Cast Member’s name, but he helped create very special Disney memories for a little boy and his family. What started out as a very sad day for Mac, ended up being a fantastic Disney day!

Posted 9 years Ago
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