A “Wonder”ful Alice Experience

On our first visit to Disneyland with our children, my two then 6-year-old girls were riding the Alice in Wonderland ride with their father when the ride broke down. The Cast Members quickly and kindly led them to the exit, pointing out a couple of Hidden Mickeys on the way, and my girls were not frightened. However, one of them was very sad because Alice was her favorite ride. The very nice Cast Member running the ride told us that one of the caterpillars (the ride vehicles) had started changing into a butterfly, and it was going to take a little while to get him off the track with his new wings. She said we could go and do something else fun while we waited, but my daughter just stood by herself in the line with tears in her eyes.

That was when the magic started! All of a sudden, the ride was operating again, and the wonderful Cast Member led us to the first caterpillar. Then she sent our car through the ride twice without stopping! My daughters were overjoyed.

Later that afternoon, we came to ride again and the nice lady was still there. She recognized us (it was hard to miss the little twins in big white poofy princess dresses) and again she sent us through the ride twice without stopping! She turned a moment of sadness into my daughter’s best Disney memory. We are still so grateful to her.

Posted 9 years Ago
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