A Child’s Belief Is Magical

My son Chris made up his mind before leaving home for Disney World that his very favorite character, Peter Pan, would shake his hand. That didn’t seem impossible, but his dad and I didn’t want him to be disappointed and warned him that maybe we wouldn’t run into Peter while we were there. We should have saved our breath, as that was all he talked about the whole day. Around every corner, he was sure Peter Pan would be waiting to shake his hand.

The whole day passed with no handshake, and now it was time for the nightly parade. Both kids were tired but insisted on sitting on the curb and watching – and of course Peter Pan was still going to shake Chris’s hand. As the parade passed, here came Peter Pan dancing down the street, smiling. He headed straight to my son, bent down, shook his hand, and danced on. My husband and I stood in amazement and Chris looked at us like “That’s what we came for.”

A dream really is a wish your heart makes. I’ve been to Disney many, many times since then and always remember that wonderful moment 41 years ago when a child believed.

Posted 9 years Ago
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