A Chance Meeting — Or Disney Magic at Work?

The most magical meeting of our Disney lives took place October 2012. In the dark of night right before the fireworks display in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, I heard behind me a little voice calling the names of my daughter (Dyan) and myself (Cheryl). I felt a tap on my shoulder, and who should it be but our former exchange student, Ines, from Spain? We had’t seen Ines in 19 years and she recognized us in the dark at the most magical of places!

She said her sister, Mayte, also a former exchange student, was in the Magic Kingdom with her husband and three children right then. We hadn’t seen Mayte in 22 years. We all call this our Destiny Meeting because on a whim we decided to go to Disney World a week ahead of our planned time. Ines was working on sabbatical from Spain in Miami, and Mayte and her family changed their vacation plans at the last minute from South Africa to visit Ines and meet at Disney. We didn’t know they were going to be there and they didn’t know we were going to be there that weekend. It was such a heart-warming reunion with young women who were like daughters to us. As always, Disney is magical and dreams do come true!

Posted 8 years Ago
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