Captain Hook, Smee, and Alice

After reading all of these wonderful Disney stories, I just had to write. We took our first trip to Walt Disney World Resort in 1983 when my son was just three. It was a dreary, “slow” day in the Magic Kingdom when we encountered Captain Hook and Smee by Cinderella’s Castle. Hook commandeered my son’s stroller and proceeded to “walk” Smee along the path – my son’s reaction was priceless!

We then ran into Alice and my son was excited to no end. Alice asked if he’d be around for the 3 p.m. parade and my son indicated “yes.” Later that day, the parade began and sure enough Alice appeared on her float. When my son saw her, he started screaming her name. She noticed him, jumped off her float, and handed my son a few balloons. We’ve been “hooked” for thirty years and have returned two to four times a year ever since. My son’s now a dad himself, and we’ve already brought our nine-month old grandson to Disney World. We can’t wait for the next thirty years to unfold at the Park!

Posted 5 years Ago
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