Potty-Trained by Mickey Mouse!

In 2008, my husband, sister, brother-in-law, and I took our eight kids to Walt Disney World. It was my husband’s – and our four kids’ – first time there. My oldest, Marcella, was ten; Angelina was eight; Juliana was five; and my son Dominic was two-and-a-half. We were all so excited to go and couldn’t wait.

For six months prior to our trip, I tried really hard to potty train my son and break him of his binky habit. We told him Mickey doesn’t let babies into Disney World and he doesn’t like binkies, but he just would not budge. We finally arrived at Disney World and who was waiting for Dominic when he entered the Park but Mickey Mouse! Mickey was so sweet to play along and told Dominic that he had to go potty in the potty and no binkies. Right after that he threw his binky in the garbage and was potty trained instantly. Even now at six years old, he tells everyone that Mickey potty trained him – thank you, Mickey Mouse!

Posted 5 years Ago
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