My daughter Paola and I are big fans of Disney parks, movies and memorabilia. Although we live in Mexico City, we have had the opportunity to visit Orlando and Anaheim several times. Several years ago, when Paola was only four years old, during the flight from Orlando to Mexico she turned to me (still wearing her Minnie’s ears) and said very seriously, “Dad, can I ask you something?” When I told her, “Of course, princess,” she asked me, “Dad, do you know why Mr. Walt Disney’s parents baptized him with the name of the park?”

I still laugh at this memory. This year, we went again to Walt Disney World to celebrate my 50th anniversary (she is now 20 years old, and her boyfriend traveled with us). After visiting “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream” at the Studios, I asked her very solemnly, “Did you notice that they never explained why his parents named him after the park?” Her boyfriend asked, “What are you talking about?” We explain it to him and of course, everybody had a big smile!<br

Posted 5 years Ago
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