The Magic Begins the Night Before

Living in California affords us many opportunities to visit our favorite place, Disneyland. Most parents find out early how hard it is for children to sleep the night before going to Disneyland. My son, Robert, took it one step further. When I came home from work, there he was waiting at the front door with his suitcase already packed and ready to go. My husband told me he was waiting since he got home from school at 3:00pm! It broke my heart to tell him we were not leaving until morning!

So now my husband and I have to try very hard to keep our travel plans to Disneyland secret. I wait until Robert is taking a bath before I tell him. I usually ask Robert, where do you want to go today? He understands at once where we are going. So my magic starts with his big smile.

Posted 5 years Ago
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