My daughter, Megan, and I have visited Disneyland frequently over the past 18 years. From the days when my dad saw Walt taking notes and making sketches for a park that had yet to be born, we’ve had a special interest in this magical place.

As Megan has grown from the 5-year-old novice to the 22-year-old park veteran, our relationship with Disneyland has developed in so many unique ways. Friends have become cast members, and cast members have become friends. Our extended family makes each trip special. We embrace the old traditions and seek out new experiences.

Never having seen snow on Main Street, we traveled there one Christmas to experience the magic. The lights dimmed, the snow fell and we quietly listened to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” amidst the camaraderie of the crowd. We were surrounded by tearful families, moved by the mood and music and thinking fondly of their loved ones at home. Megan and I were touched by the obvious flow of emotion, but there were no tears for us – just radiant smiles. Our eyes locked and it dawned on us that we WERE home for Christmas! Our contentment came from the knowledge that we’ve truly found a second home at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Posted 5 years Ago
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