Sunshine Dreams Come True

I’m from Minnesota and made my first trip to sunny Florida in January of 1979 when Walt Disney World was only one Park, the Magic Kingdom. I became a fan on that very first trip.

I vacationed at Walt Disney World with my two children as often as possible while they were growing up, and even after they were out on their own I would go as often as I could. With all of these trips, and all of the frigid winters in Minnesota, I would dream of moving to Florida for the sun and the warmth; but mostly to be near Walt Disney World and be able to go to the parks as often as I wanted.

Then came the economic downturn and I lost my job and had to sell my home. I decided that the time had come to make the move to Florida. After spending several weeks getting settled, I decided to take Thanksgiving Day off and spend the day at the Magic Kingdom. I was in the Emporium when the parade came by. I stepped outside to watch and discovered that the theme of the parade was “Celebrate a Dream Come True.” There I stood amongst all of those smiling faces with tears streaming down my face as I realized that my dream had come true! I am now living my dream and loving it.

Posted 5 years Ago
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