A Christmas Surprise and the Happiest Mom on Earth!

My four boys (1, 3, 5, 7) and I love to go to Disneyland after school when we have some free time. Money is tight so I always try to bring snacks with us.

One night somehow most of the snacks didn’t make it into the backpack and the boys were really hungry! When we got off the Storybook Boat Ride I smelled fresh popcorn and wandered over to see how much it was – I saw it was only $4 so I thought, okay, we can do this, they can share one and it won’t cost us too much. We waited patiently in line until it was almost our turn but we had to wait for some more popcorn to be popped. Sammy was busy reading and explaining to the boys the different sizes: the small, the medium with a plastic souvenir cup, and then the oohs and ahhs came when they saw the deluxe Santa Mickey, but when Sammy said the price, they all agreed it was a lot of money and sighed. I think that they were just happy that we were even getting popcorn!

The new round of popcorn finally finished popping and the lady in front of us ordered a medium popcorn and a deluxe Mickey Mouse filled with popcorn and the boys were so excited for her! Then, she turned and spoke to them, “I know that you shouldn’t take food from strangers but since your mom is here maybe you can ask her if it’s okay for you to have this.” And she handed them a Santa Mickey full of hot, delicious popcorn. I stammered and said “Yes, of course,” and she replied, “Merry Christmas” and went on to wherever she was headed.

I started crying because I couldn’t believe a stranger could be so sweet. Little Danny asked me if I was sad to which I replied, no, just really happy. Thank you to whomever you are. You made four little boys really happy and a touched a mommy’s heart! Disneyland really is the happiest place on Earth!

Posted 5 years Ago
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