Our six-year-old autistic daughter, Jessie, absolutely loves Disney. She struggles with communication but has no issues listing all the characters, shows, and rides she will see as we approach our vacation time. Her all-time favorite character is Minnie.

Last year Jessie, her sister, her aunts, and I had just entered the Magic Kingdom when Jessie’s sister proclaimed she needed the restroom. We entered the building just inside the gates and were standing around discussing where the restrooms were when we heard a knock on the door we were standing next to. One of the Cast Members standing nearby said, “Why don’t you open it and see who is knocking?”

We thought it was a strange request, but Jessie marched over and opened the door. To her surprise it was Minnie and Mickey! If you could see the look of wonder on her face you would giggle out loud. After a backstage photo session with Minnie and Mickey, Jessie gave Minnie a lingering hug and told her, “I love you.” What a great memory!!!!

Posted 5 years Ago
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