How Well Do You Know … Epcot Theme Park

1. When was Epcot‘s opening date?
A. October 1, 1982
B. October 11, 1982
C. October 21, 1982
D. October 31, 1982


2. Epcot was originally called …
A. Epcot Center
B. Epcot World
C. Epcot World
D. Epcot Planet


3. How many triangular facets are found in Spaceship Earth’s exterior?
A. 5,432
B. 7,920
C. 11,324
D. 14,414


4. The fountain in the center of Future World is called …
A. Fountain of Nations
B. Fountain of Discovery
C. Fountain of Innovation
D. Fountain of Legacy


5. Who composed the theme song for Impressions de France?
A. Dwight Hemion
B. Card Walker
C. Buddy Baker
D. Sherman Brothers


6.Which country is NOT part of the World Showcase?
A. Haiti
B. Germany
C. Morocco
D. Italy



Continue reading for the answers and see how you scored!



1. – A. Epcot’s opening date was October 1, 1982.
2. – A. Epcot was originally called Epcot Center.
3. – C. There are 11,324 triangular facets in Spaceship Earth’s exterior.
4. – A. The Fountain of Nations is located in the center of Future World.
5. – C. Disney Legend Buddy Baker composed the theme song for Impressions de France.
6. – A. Haiti is NOT part of Epcot’s World Showcase.



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