Imagineer Your Test Track Experience

“What Guests get to do with Test Track is a lot likewhat Imagineering goes through in our design process.”

So says Melissa Jeselnick, Project Manager for Epcot’s newly reimagined and revved-up Test Track attraction, now presented by Chevrolet. If you’ve ever wanted to get under the hood and tinker – or said “I love this car, but I think I could make it EVEN BETTER!” – Test Track is for you.

Test Track Guests enter an all-new, interactive pre-show area – completely retooled and reimagined from the garage-like testing area of the former GM Test Track. The sleek new “Chevrolet Design Center” invites Guests to create their own virtual custom-concept vehicle, working as a team or on their own. Car-design wannabes will get to shape their own virtual car, truck, or crossover vehicle and learn how their design choices perform against four important attributes:

• Capability

• Efficiency

• Responsiveness

• Power

At design kiosks, rows of touch screens become canvasses for Guests to try their hand at design magic. Here, they can tweak their vehicle design by shape, length, width, and engine size. Once they create the designs of their dreams, Guests complete their creations with even more choices. They can make a design statement with an expressive front grille, order up wheels by size and style, add paint and other graphics, and trick out their vehicle – top to sides, front to back – with the latest accessories.

And that test is big fun, since you get to ride along. Melissa assures us that Test Track still has all the thrills we’ve come to expect. “The new Test Track is a completely interactive attraction experience from start to finish! But rest assured, the new ride has all of the same hills and turns, and yes, even the high speed loops that our Guests know and love.” You’ll fly through straight-aways, maneuver switchbacks through rough weather, hug curves banked at 50-degree angles, and scale hills that are up to three stories high!

When your test drive is over, there’s even more to explore. See how sharp your design skills are by comparing your final score with other Guests’ designs. It’s a great chance to see how your blue-sky ideas would hold up under real-world conditions – and to earn bragging rights with your friends and family. Then make a commercial showing off the wheels you designed, or take a virtual test drive where you control your concept vehicle and see how it handles. You can even have your picture taken with a Chevy dream car or your concept vehicle against the backdrop of your choice, whether you want to pose on the moon or under the sea.

With so much to customize, and so many ways to experiment, Melissa says you can ride again and again. “The attraction is just as much fun on repeat visits because it’s fun to see if you can improve your design’s performance. And families can compete against each other – maybe on one visit, Dad’s vehicle does better than the kid’s, but next time his daughter turns the tables and outscores him.”

Melissa left us with a challenge to Guests to, “make the most outrageous vehicle you can and see what happens! Really play around with the possibilities. It’s fun and makes it easier to spot your car when you ride the attraction.” Reach for the stars! Because that’s the Disney way.

Posted 5 years Ago
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