We were at Animal Kingdom in February 2012. As we were waiting to see Mickey Mouse, in front of us was Nick Mangold, center for the New York Jets, with his wife and baby boy. Our family is from Long Island and we support all our NY teams, so we are true diehard Jets fans. That year the New York Giants had won the Super Bowl, so my husband was wearing his Giants Super Bowl champs T-shirt.

My husband and son, who was 11 at the time, were acting strange all giddy like two school girls. They were laughing and pointing to the stroller in front of us, which had a sign reading “The Mangold family” in its pocket. They made as sure as they could that the gentleman in front of us was really Nick, then my husband asked him if he was indeed the center from the Jets, and he said he was. So my dear husband then said, “Oh wow, we are true diehard Jets fans!” Nick took one look at my husband’s Giants T-shirt and said, “I find that hard to believe …” My husband explained that we are from NY and like to support all the New York teams. Nick smiled and my husband asked him if he would pose for a picture with my son, to which he very graciously said YES! It really made my husband and son’s day. Never underestimate the MAGIC of DISNEY WORLD.

Posted 5 years Ago
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