How Well Do You Know … The Nominees?

The nominees for this year’s Best Animated Feature Film category are a cornucopia of Disney gems. Will “Wreck-It Ralph” smash its way to the top of the heap, or will Disney*Pixar “Brave” hit the bullseye? And as “Frankenweenie” has taught us, you can never count a good dog out.

No matter who goes home with the golden statuette, we think all these films are winners. Don’t miss the show Sunday night, when the envelope will finally be opened–and in the meantime, let’s see how much you know about our nominees with some tricky trivia!

1) Which nominated pic features a voice performance by its director?
A) Wreck-It Ralph
B) Frankenweenie
C) Brave


2) John Ratzenberger is a Pixar mainstay — who does he voice in “Brave”?
A) Queen Elinor as a bear
B) Lord Dingwall
C) Gordon


3) Which Pixar character can you spot among the witch’s carvings in “Brave”?
A) Buzz Lightyear
B) Marlin
C) Sully


4) In “Wreck-It Ralph,” what other Disney film gets a shout-out in Game Central Station?
B) The Black Hole
C) Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


5) Which famous actress played Victor’s mother in the original live-action “Frankenweenie” short?
A) Helena Bonham Carter
B) Shelley Duvall
C) Teri Garr


6) Which nominated film got a little tribute in the 2012 Haunted Mansion Holiday event at Disneyland Park?
A) Wreck-It Ralph
B) Frankenweenie
C) Brave


7) The bear in “Brave” is named Mor’du — what does it mean?
A) Big and Dark
B) Death
C) Bear


8) Which nominated film inspired an Adventures by Disney itinerary?
A) Wreck-It Ralph
B) Frankenweenie
C) Brave


Scroll down to see how you did!








1) A: You can hear “Wreck-It Ralph” director Rich Moore as both villain Zangieff and Sour Bill, King Candy’s henchman.
2) C: Keep an ear out for Ratzenberger’s distinctive voice.
3) C: Sully from Disney*Pixar’s “Monsters Inc.” is among the bear carvings in the witch’s hut — where he blends in perfectly!
4) A: TRON is a natural fit among the games we can spot in Game Central Station.
5) B: Duvall was just one of the famous faces in Tim Burton’s 1984 short film — look for Daniel Stern and Sofia Coppola as well.
6) B: Among the tombstones outside the Haunted Mansion that Halloween season, alert Guests could spot Sparky’s grave marker.
7) A: Mor’du is a combination of the Gaelic words Mor, meaning “big,” and Dubh, meaning “black” or “dark.” And he is indeed an enormous black-coated bear.
8) C: You can venture to the Scottish highlands with Adventures by Disney, on a trip including private archery lessons at a genuine castle.

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Posted 5 years Ago
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