Happiness Beyond Words

Disneyland Park -- a home away from home.

When someone asks my age, I happily answer that I am as old as Disneyland. Born in 1953, I grew up in Anaheim right down the road from Disneyland. Each night Dad would lift my big brother Randy and me up and seat us atop the brick wall that lined our back yard. Mom would put a warm bowl of popcorn in each of our laps and we would watch the fireworks of Disneyland. Once the fireworks were over, Randy and I knew it was time for bed.

Yes, I have been hanging out my entire life at Disneyland, loving every minute of it. I am now nearing 60 and cannot express the happiness that Disneyland has brought to my heart over the years. Even today I still get excited knowing that I will be visiting the park again today. Once thing that has always amazed me is how Disneyland can tough the heart of a full-grown man and make him act like a young boy again by wearing mouse ears, pirate clothes, or goofy shoes.

A ¬†few years ago, Disneyland was a huge help to me and my family getting through my cancer treatment. My hubby and I didn’t want our kids to get stressed over Mom taking chemo, so we filled their days with Disneyland. I would get my chemo treatment, then I would go lie down for a few hours at the Disneyland Nursing Station while Dad took the kids out into the park to have fun while Mom’s tummy settled a bit. Later in the day, Dad would call me and let me know where to meet them for a light meal before heading home. Disneyland helped to keep my children’s mind off of our current battle and I am so very thankful for that.

We have been annual passholders for several years now and I recently told my hubby that I imagine he and I will be wandering around Disneyland way into our 90s, God willing. Thanks, Disneyland, for filling my life with so much joy.

Cheryl, 59, Yucaipa, CA

Posted 5 years Ago
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