A Magic Moment with Mickey

Any time someone visits Disneyland they will take home some very fond memories. This past holiday season we were fortunate enough to experience the very beautiful Candlelight Procession and telling of the Christmas story. As we left that evening, our eight-year-old son walked away with a memory that filled his heart like none other.

When we arrived that morning we had decided that a fair way to experience the day would be to take turns choosing the next ride or place to go to. Radiator Springs Racers was the number-one choice for the day. As we entered California Adventure Park our boys were immediately drawn to a fabulous song and dance show, Red Car News Boys, with a special Hollywood hopeful guest star, Mickey Mouse. From that moment on our eight-year-old, Benito, wanted to meet Mickey Mouse! We obtained Fast Passes for Radiator Spring Racers and headed over to Disneyland. As the day progressed we had numerous adventures and met many characters, but not Mickey Mouse. Our very last ride of the day was the awesome Radiator Springs Racers. Wow! We were amazed at all the detail and the boys were beyond excited to have experienced what they referred to as their “first and best roller-coaster ride ever!”

Sadly, it was time to go. As we headed toward the exit Benito hung his head and shared how sad he was that he hadn’t had the opportunity to meet Mickey. He had a question he had wanted to ask him since we arrived. We tried to soften his sadness by suggesting we could write Mickey a letter when we got home. Although Benito accepted the idea he was still sad. We were nearly at the exit, when who should we see passing by but Mickey Mouse. It looked like he needed to get somewhere in a hurry. We told Benito that Mickey was about to pass. Benito excitedly called out, “Hi Mickey!” Mickey Mouse looked in our son’s direction and waved. Benito must have remembered his burning question right at that moment because he called out, “Oh wait! Mickey, how was Hollywood?” Mickey stopped, turned around, bent over to our son’s eye level, and gave Benito two big thumbs up. Benito’s hands covered his mouth in astonishment and his eyes glistened with awe.

Mickey was clearly in a hurry, but he made the choice to take two seconds with us and gave a little boy a memory to last a lifetime. Thank you Mickey, from all of us who still hold dear the true meaning of the Happiest Place on Earth.

Michelle, 45, Santa Maria, CA

Posted 5 years Ago
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