Take a Slice Out of Pi Day

We find it easy to relate any topic to food. If you are anything like us, Pi Day doesn’t so much conjure up images of 3.14159, but instead brings visions of this delectable blueberry pastry from Flo’s Pie-O-Ramas “Made Right Here”™ in Cars Land at Disneyland California Adventure.

Blueberry Pie from Flo's Cafe

To honor this day dedicated to the computation of circles (and the deliciousness of pie with an ‘e’), we present some mouthwatering photos of Disney Parks & Resorts’ most impressive confectionary delights.


Treat yourself to an apple cheddar pie.

Apple Cheddar Pie from Flo's Cafe


Take a bite out of a peach and berry pie.

Peach and Berry Pie from Flo's Cafe


Satisfy the sweet tooth with a chocolate mud pie.

Chocolate Mud Pie from Flo's Cafe


Prefer sweet and tart? Enjoy cherry pie perfection.

Cherry Pie from Flo's Cafe


Hungry yet? If you worked up an appetite like we did, get the recipe for strawberry-rhubarb pie and enjoy a delicious Pi Day!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie from Flo's Cafe




Posted 5 years Ago
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