How Well Do You Know … Darby O’Gill and the Little People?

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

1)      It’s well-known that a young Sean Connery appeared in this film – but which role did he play?

A)     Darby O’Gill

B)      Michael McBride

C)      King Brian


2)      What was the name of the kingdom of the Little People?

A)     Knocknasheega

B)      Tiny Dublin

C)      Greenglory


3)      What is the Costa Bower?

A)     The West Coast of Ireland

B)      The Banshee’s real name

C)      The death coach that nearly carries Darby away


4)      What was the source material for “Darby O’Gill”?

A)     It’s an original story created by the Studio.

B)      The stories of H.T. Cavanaugh

C)      The legends Walt Disney learned while traveling in Ireland.


5)      Which of these Disney film’s is also set in Ireland?

A)     The Fighting Prince of Donegal

B)      Brave

C)      The Sword and the Rose


6)      Whom did Walt Disney thank in the film’s credits?

A)     The people of Ireland

B)      King Brian and his leprechauns

C)      His daughters, Diane and Sharon


7)      “Darby O’Gill” was released in 1959. What other film did Robert Stevenson direct for Disney that same year?

A)     Kidnapped

B)      Old Yeller

C)      The Shaggy Dog


8)      Who is Cleopatra?

A)     Darby’s horse

B)      The Queen of the Leprechauns

C)      The name given to King Brian’s fiddle


Just scroll down for the answers!








1)      B) Sean didn’t play Darby O’Gill – he was Michael McBride, and Darby’s daughter was his sweetheart.

2)      A) ‘Tis Knocknasheega

3)      C) the Costa Bower (or Cóiste Bodhar) is drawn from Irish folklore.

4)      B) Herminie Templeton Kavanagh wrote a series of stories starring Darby O’Gill and based on Irish folk tales – Walt Disney found them charming and was inspired to create the film.

5)      A) “The Fighting Prince of Donegal” tells the story of a real-life Irish prince, “Red” Hugh O’Donnell. Disney∙Pixar’s “Brave” is set in Scotland, while “The Sword and the Rose” takes place in Britain.

6)      B) A tongue in cheek note on the film thanks the little people, whose “gracious cooperation made this picture possible.”

7)      C) Stevenson was a prolific and gifted director who made many films for Disney – but directing two such completely different films in one year was an impressive feat!

8)      A) Darby chases Cleopatra, his runaway horse – or so he thinks. He’s actually following a shapeshifting pooka.

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