Now He’s a Believer

Mickey and pals at the Disney Parks

My husband and I got the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World last year as a late honeymoon and we decided we couldn’t go without our kids. In my excitement I bought a week’s worth of passes. My husband was a little upset because he wanted to see more than just Disney World. I had been to Disney a couple of times but he had never been, and I just could not get him to understand the magic that is Disney World.

On our first day we got up early and went to the Magic Kingdom for what he thought would be a long day with two cranky kids. Well, he never stopped smiling all day! Our daughter, who was two at the time, is a princess fanatic — she even changed her name to Cinderella. She looked at the castle when it came into view and screamed, “Mommy it’s my kingdom!”

Needless to say my husband is now a believer in the magic and has been obsessed with getting enough money together to go again. He bombards my email with events that are taking place in the Magic Kingdom almost on a daily basis.  Thank you Disney for giving a 30-year-old  man who didn’t get to have a childhood the chance to be the kid he never got to be.


Brianne, 33, Utopia, TX

Posted 5 years Ago
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