Road Trip for Fond Memories

The open road leads to the California Grill.

In January, my husband Mark and I were sitting in the family room, wondering what to do the next weekend. We went back and forth with different ideas untilĀ  I said, “Let’s have dinner at California Grill one more time before it closes for remodeling. We can sit with our favorite waiter, Walter.” Mark said, “Why not? I don’t mind driving the eight hours if you can get us a room.” Luckily our vacation guide searched out a room at Wilderness Villas, and since we had never stayed there before it became part of our adventure. Everyone I told about it asked if we were in college again and yelled out “road trip.”

We arrived on Friday and went to the California Grill that evening for dinner. We had the perfect window table overlooking the Magic Kingdom from the 15th floor of the Contemporary Resort. It was magical! We sat and remembered the many moments in our lives we had celebrated at Disney over the years, right here at California Grill. Our son’s birthdays from his fourth until his twenty-second, every anniversary since our tenth (when we discovered that “adult-only” vacations could mean wonderful dinners, golf for the guys and spa for the girls, with our friends), birthdays for each of us, and too many visits just because we love the place and the service. We realized as we sat there celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary that this place is part of our history and leaving it would be like moving from our family home! We look forward to seeing what it will become and know that the changes will give us opportunities for many more celebrations … because everything in Walt Disney World is magical. You can be a kid again and take a “road trip” down memory lane!

Terri, 54, Charlotte, NC


Posted 5 years Ago
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