Über Impressive Disney Resume: Sterling Holloway

Hundreds upon thousands of talented voice actors and actresses have graced Disney films over the years. One of these wildly impressive people has risen to the top of our conversations as of late. His name is Sterling Holloway.

Sterling Holloway

In addition to being the narrator of Mickey and the Beanstalk, The Pelican and the Snipe, Three Caballeros, Peter and the Wolf (from Make Mine Music), The Little House, Susie the Little Blue Coupe, and more, he also voiced of some of our favorite characters:

Roquefort from The Aristocats

Sterling Holloway Aristocats


Mr. Stork from Dumbo

Sterling Holloway Dumbo


Kaa from The Jungle Book

Sterling Holloway Jungle Book


Winnie the Pooh

Sterling HOlloway Winnie the Pooh


Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

Sterling Holloway Alice in Wonderland


Adult Flower from Bambi

Sterling Holloway Bambi

Before we leave you to ponder all the information we just threw your way, we’ll offer you this fun bonus fact: Sterling Holloway was once considered for the part of Sleepy, but the part eventually went to Pinto Colvig, the voice artist behind Goofy’s distinctive guffaws.

Posted 7 years Ago
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