How Well Do You Know … Famous Disney Flowers?

Alice Among the Flowers

1)      What kind of critter is Bambi’s pal Flower?

A)     A rabbit

B)      A skunk

C)      A deer


2)      What Oscar® did the 1932 short “Flowers and Trees” win?

A)     Best short subject, cartoons

B)      Best animated short

C)      Best original song


3)      What music accompanies the dancing flowers in “Fantasia”?

A)     Rite of Spring

B)      The Four Seasons

C)      The Nutcracker Suite


4)      Why do the talking flowers chase Alice away in “Alice in Wonderland” (1951)?

A)     They think she’s a weed

B)      They’re afraid she’ll pick them

C)      Her “petals” are too messy


5)      What is special about the plantings  in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland?

A)     They’re all modern hybrids

B)     They’re all edible

C)      They’re all drought-tolerant


6)      What color is the enchanted rose in “Beauty and the Beast”?

A)     White

B)      Yellow

C)      Red


7)      Why is the fountain at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles shaped like a rose?

A)     It’s a tribute to Lillian Disney

B)      In honor of Walt Disney’s commitment to nature

C)      It’s a reference to the comic opera “Der Rosenkavalier”


8)      Approximately how many flowering annuals were planted for the 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival?

A)     10,000

B)      50,000

C)      250,000

Just scroll down for the answers!






1)      B – Flower is a skunk, with a sweet disposition in spite of how he smells.

2)      A – The category was called Best Short Subject, Cartoons back in the ‘30s.

3)      C – Although the plot of “The Nutcracker” ballet is centered on Christmas, Disney animators re-imagined the music with dancing flowers, mushrooms, and fireflies – brought to a close by the arrival of the frost.

4)      A – The snobbish flowers are one of the touches adapted from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” books for the film.

5)      B – Walt Disney insisted that some part of every plant used in Tomorrowland be edible, from flowering fruit trees to decorative kale.

6)      C—Beast’s magical rose is red – the color of love!

7)      A – The fountain is named “A Rose for Lily” – roses were her favorite flower.

8)      C – Yes, a quarter-million blooms were planted especially for this year’s Festival, in addition to the Park’s regular landscaping – that’s a lot of flower power!


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